"My goal with each painting is to convey the beauty of the subject matter, whatever it may be. More specifically, the beauty of light hitting the subject, curving around its shape and caressing its very form, revealing curves and roundness or sharp edges and hardness, color changing at every turn. The light creates depth and space and the mysteries of the shadow areas; the composition unfolding before our eyes. The most mundane of objects can express beauty if the light dancing on and around it can be visualized and expressed. Surely, a humbling task! This takes a sensitivity and openness to what is before you, plus keen observation. I want the viewer to feel as if they can reach in and touch that leaf or apple; that there is another world beyond the surface of the canvas, or glimpsed beauty - if only for a moment. Hopefully, sometimes I am successful."

-Alberta Geyer
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Newest Paintings Posted
All paintings are oil on Belgian linen
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Two Cherries by Alberta GeyerTwo Cherries
(2013, 14 x 11)
Bronze Steed by Alberta GeyerBronze Steed
(2013, 24 x 30)
Geisha Girl by Alberta GeyerGeisha Girl
(2012, 14 x 18)
Harvest Glow by Alberta Geyer
Harvest Glow
(2012, 11 x 14)
Tea Roses by Alberta GeyerTea Roses
(2012, 12 x 16)
Blue China Cup by Alberta GeyerBlue China Cup
(2012, 24 x 20)
Sunlit Peaches by Alberta GeyerSunlit Peaches
(2012, 11 x 14)
Ricky by Alberta Geyer Ricky
(2012, 20 x 16)
Cha Cha Cha by Alberta Geyer Cha Cha Cha
(2012, 14 x 18)
Peonies in Pewter by Alberta Geyer Peonies in Pewter
(2012, 16 x 20)
Magnolia Girl by Alberta Geyer Magnolia Girl
(2012, 20 x 16)
The Soloist by Alberta Geyer The Soloist
(2012, 26 x 21)
Crystal Bell with Roses by Alberta Geyer Crystal Bell with Roses
(2012, 20 x 16)

Oil Paintings of Mostly Florals by Alberta Geyer
Selected Paintings
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American Artist Magazine Cover Competition 2010

The Tang Dynasty Steed Painting by Alberta Geyer

 Tang Dynasty Steed (2008, 24 x 20)


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